The world of content is a carnival: bright, loud, overwhelming.

Don’t let your brand get lost in the crowd.

Make the crowd come to you.


emirishI’m Emily Irish. Blogger, editor, novelist, content marketing manager.

And I want to help you craft awesome content.

Now, there are a lot of great writers and editors out there, with a lot of various and wonderful superpowers. Personally, I rely on three key superpowers to get the job done.

Creativity is my laser beam vision. Its purpose is to slice through the content clutter of the Internet Age. Whether through strategic direction or boots-on-the-ground content crafting, I help you make content that stands out, that has an actual voice, that takes old concepts and presents them in new ways, to challenge new thought.

Compassion is my Magneto superpower. People care about themselves, and sometimes about other people, but never about faceless businesses. Compassion in my outlook and empathy in my writing enables me to produce and direct content that follows the Golden Rule of Content and actually provides value to your audience.

Commitment is the super strength that holds it all together. I’m committed to consistently delivering quality to my audience. And I’m committed to delivering it on time. I’m the gal who gets the job done, and I will get it done well, even on tight deadlines.

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I work with the awesome editorial team at Zapier to produce excellent, engaging blog content around the intersection of technology and productivity.

building_smallIn April 2014, I was hired as a copywriter for ROI Revolution, a cutting-edge digital marketing agency. By July, I had been promoted to Content Marketing Manager.

In this role, I’m accountable to the Director of Marketing for our high-performance content team, and responsible for managing several content campaigns each month to meet our ambitious lead goals.

I develop and lead content marketing campaigns. These have driven a record-breaking year for us: each month in 2016 our team has broken its previous record for most qualified prospects gained in a month.

This content campaign management involves editing and creating deliverables, as well as working with the Director of Marketing and segment managers to coordinate and execute external promotions for positive return on investment.
As a results of being promoted so quickly, I have gained significant experience in adapting to new challenges, mediums, and industries very quickly, taking on a lot of responsibilities in a very fast-paced environment. Thanks to this experience, I’ve become an expert at managing multiple high-priority projects on very tight deadlines.


When I joined ROI Revolution, I took over management of their industry blog, eCommerce Insiders. I develop editorial strategy and direction for the blog, as well as recruit and manage freelance writers.

Despite a lack of resources to devote to the blog, I produced a 2346% growth in subscribers for eCommerce Insiders in 18 months and a continuing growth rate of 130% monthly. I also improved our monthly pageviews by 99% and unique monthly visitors by 104%.







As a solopreneur, I enjoyed learning and honing new skills, managing my own time, and becoming a subject matter expert on new industries and audiences. I gained significant skills in time management, web design, and WordPress during this time. I can say definitively that this remote, entrepreneurial work environment is definitely ideal for me, as it gives me the freedom and responsibility to pursue my best self and my best work.


thomasedisonstateI graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Art in Humanities through a remote education program. I was highly motivated to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in under 2 years, so I could move forward and continue to learn through job experience. I finished with a 4.0 GPA in 20 months.


  • Storytelling
  • Editorial Strategy
  • Project Management
  • WordPress Design & Management
  • Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content & Line Editing
  • Intermediate Graphic Design
  • Advanced CMS Management
  • CRM management


  • Educational Training Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinar Creation & Management
  • Speaking Proposals & Presentations
  • HTML, PHP, and CSS

Emily amazed me with how quickly she was able to write as an expert in a new field — and how quickly she could write! She is a written productivity machine and after she took over as editor of our industry website, she attracted other great writers like crazy and substantially increased the quality of the content overall.

Chris Crompton

Segment Marketing Manager, ROI Revolution

I currently produce content for the eCommerce Insider’s blog under Emily’s editorial management. Emily recruited me, and I’ve continued producing under her direction for almost two years (and going strong).

As time has passed, I’ve watched Emily juggle responsibilities that are usually tasked to two-three different employees. All the while, she’s hired and nurtured a core team of writers while also reviving an all-but-abandoned content marketing blog, steering its direction and presentation into a noteworthy marketing tool for the ROI Revolution digital agency.

As a professional storyteller, it’s great to work with an editor who cares about story presentation as much as I do. I’ve also enjoyed the increased level of editorial creativity that she’s allowed me and other “veteran” writers.

Finally, it’s great to work with an editor who allows her core writers to grow and explore ways to produce the best work possible for the agency’s brand

Terri Scott

Freelance Writer, Ecommerce Insiders

I have worked with Emily at Ecommerce Insiders for about 2 years now, right from the moment she took over managing the site and the cooperation is nothing but fantastic.

Emily is an exceptional editor with a passion for writing. She’s full of great ideas, always eager to help and suggest topics or new direction for content.

Since taking over the site she’s grown it into a mature industry blog, attracted great writers, and increased the quality of the content.

Emily is also very approachable, helpful, and reliable. I know that whatever challenges I may face writing for Ecommerce Insiders, Emily’s always there to help.

Pawel Grabowski

Freelancer, Ecommerce Insiders

Emily is full of ideas and eager to try them, seeking to make things better. Her content writing is consistent, professional and thorough. She’s a good teammate to have during complex multi-channel marketing efforts

Mark Curtis

Team Leader, ROI Revolution

Emily is an exceptional coworker who I have the pleasure to work with on a daily basis. As the content marketing manager, she takes her responsibility of creating high-quality copy seriously.

She is an excellent editor and writer who pays close attention to detail and strives to produce work of a high standard. And she produces a lot of great work – from emails to white papers to blog posts, and so on.

No matter the medium, Emily uses her strong writing skills to entice prospects and keep clients engaged. She is also incredibly knowledgeable about our industry, making her incredibly helpful when collaborating on overall content strategy.

Some of the best qualities Emily possesses are her positive attitude and willingness to help her coworkers when they’re in need. As a new employee several months ago, Emily showed me the ropes and was always willing to answer questions that I had.

Her positive attitude is appreciated in our often high-stress work environment. She keeps a smile on her face while juggling the multitude of projects that come her way.

Emily is a model employee who I thoroughly enjoy working with. I highly recommend Emily and her strong skill set.

Persis Swift

Segment Marketing Manager, ROI Revolution

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