The world of content is a carnival: bright, loud, overwhelming.

Don’t let your brand get lost in the crowd.

Make the crowd come to you.

I’m Emily Irish, a writer, editor, and content strategist with 6 years of experience in the digital industry.

And I want to help your content cut through the noise.

What makes me different? I take an audience-centric approach to content strategy that solves problems, generates loyal leads, and tells a consistent brand story.

Solve Problems

The key to creating content that attracts your audience is to become a problem solver. Learn how to become their ultimate resource.



Tell a Story

The market craves connection and authenticity. A cohesive brand story is your promise to the world – what’s it going to be?



Build Loyalty

Content loyalty is key to sustainable growth. You need a content strategy that’s built for the long-term, not just for pageviews.



Interested in Taking Your Content to the Next Level? Let's Talk.

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